This is what I eat. It’s so boring.

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

OK, so here’s what I ate (in addition to what I had for breakfast, which was in my last post).  My food is so boring.  Seriously…

Lunch was a plate of veggies with buffalo wing sauce and parmesan cheese.

Then I had an apple.

Snack was some of this power mix that I diluted with some Trader Joe’s bran cereal.

Dinner was a Boca Burger on a whole wheat tortilla with mozzarella cheese and ketchup, followed by another apple.  Yes, another apple!

Post workout snack: 2 carrots, some raisins, and some sugar free hot chocolate.

I love cooking; I really do!  It’s just that I have a hard time resisting yummy food in my fridge, which is why I just eat the same old boring things :-).  I actually like my boring way of eating (in case it sounds like I am complaining).

Does anyone else eat the same stuff ALL the time, like me?

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